Weather: Crappy to Mostly Crappy


The bad news is that it rained all day again today but the good news is that it didn’t pour all day. 

My biggest surprise of this trip is how few things I’ve lost. Up until this morning the only thing that went missing was a long sleeve cotton pullover, which I replaced with a wool sweater in Pamplona. This morning I lost my duct tape!  
To those if you whose morning routine does not include duct taping plastic bags  around your feet before putting them in your shoes, this may not sound like such a big deal. But to me, in the last week or so the image that defines “cozy” to me is this one right here. 

Luckily I still have some fancy tape that I bought back in Puente la Reina to pimp out my walking stick. Actually it was to cover the duct tape I used to stabilize the crack in the stick. Anyway I think it’ll do for the next couple of days. That’s actually a sticker covering most of the blingy tape.