I Might Make It!

Once the Camino enters Galicia, there are these markers every half km. All of a sudden I’m less than 100 km from Santiago. 
There’s a whole new batch of pilgrims today – the group that started this morning in Sarria. They’re mostly Spanish and their enthusiasm is nice to have around. We weren’t a single km out of Sarria this morning before the groups were posing in front of the first wilderness they could find for pictures in their rain gear. At the end of the day they had their turn hobbling into town after their first 25km carrying a pack. It’s amazing how day 1 makes everyone equal; we’ve all been there, walking up the stairs sideways at the end of day 1. 
Today’s stop is Portomarin, and its just across the Rio Mino to the west. Back in the day there was a well known Galician seafood restaurant in Madrid called Rio Mino. It’s a beautiful spot (the town on the river). 

Today’s weather was a relief. It rained pretty much all day, but not hard. It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow but we’ll see.