I started to learn about programming because I thought it would help me do my job better.  I learned the various pieces of a web program in a somewhat convoluted order but for my needs it made sense.

I continued to learn because it’s fun.  Once I started getting some meaningful results, I was hooked.  Thanks to elegant and well-documented APIs like the Google Maps API, Javascript libraries like jQuery and Bootstrap and CMS platforms like WordPress, now is an especially good time for anyone to take a crack at learning to do a little bit of coding.


It’s hard for me to imagine learning to code without the benefit of search engines.  The best resource I’ve come across so far is a site called Stackoverflow.  It’s kind of a social network for programming.  People post their problem code and members help them resolve their issues.  I’m amazed at how generous experienced programmers are with their time.  They manage to maintain quality responses by not letting people up-vote specific solutions until they’ve achieved a certain level of up-votes for their own proposed solutions.  If you like programming cartoons, here’s a great page!

Steven Raaen 2014