Are We There Yet?


When people say that the weather in a specific area is unpredictable, what they really mean is that the weather is usually crappy there. The weather app on my phone has a big yellow sun on it for this morning but all I see out the window is gray. 

My stuff is mostly dry now, which I’m thankful for. I wasn’t able to take much in the way of pictures yesterday, as it was pouring all day long. A lot of people I spoke with thought it was the most miserable day on the Camino so far. This is around the point where I gave in to the realization that my feet couldn’t get any wetter and started walking right down the middle of the stream that the path had become. 

After today’s stage there will be 115 km left to go which should take 5 days. The day ends in Sarria, where the route promises to get much more crowded because it only takes 100km to officially complete the Camino.